A Roof Inspection in Richmond Starts Inside the Home

If you’re trying to ignore that dark spot on your wall that’s wet to the touch, you might be ignoring an important message from you roof. Swollen plaster, discolored spots on the ceiling, wet insulation or a musty odor are all signs that water is coming in where it shouldn’t, and your home wants you to fix the problem sooner rather than later. We recommend you find an experienced roofing contractor for a free roof inspection in Richmond – especially in the winter. In the meantime, here are some areas you can safely check yourself, to determine if it’s time to call for a free roof inspection:

Take A Peek In The Attic. If you see stains on your walls or ceiling, or notice wet plaster or wallpaper, you’ll want to inspect the areas above these spots. Water can be tricky, and doesn’t always travel in a straight line. Be prepared to do some searching to find the source of the water.

Be Aware Of Electrical Sources. When you’re investigating, be wary of any water that may be dangerously close to an electrical source. Ceiling fixtures filled with water, soggy insulation near outlets, these are extremely unsafe scenarios that need to be treated with caution. Make sure to cut the power to areas that have water present to prevent serious injury.

Mold Is Not A Houseplant. You may find mold inside your home caused by a leak, but it can also be the result of too much humidity. We’ve seen improperly installed bathroom vents that are pumping the moisture into the attic, and blocked, non-existent, or insufficient roof ventilation that is trapping heat and humidity inside. If you do find mold, be careful not to accidentally help spread spores through the house on your shoes or clothing.

Our professional roofing contractors have the right equipment and experience to safely complete a roof inspection. Your roof keeps you and your family safe from the elements and requires diligent maintenance. The best way to keep safe is to schedule a free roof inspection from a Sherriff-Goslin roofing contractor in Richmond.